Match play champs / black tee today

Good morning all!

A couple of updates for the men's competitions!

Firstly, it is black tee haggle today - Seeded draw. Please bring cash to make the prize allocation easier for the ...
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Working bee

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all having a great day in this glorious sunshine!

Just a reminder of the working bee tomorrow 9am to help clean up the fallen trees. Please ...
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The 500-year storm took its toll on the course

Don't worry, we are bouncing back better than ever, but we do need your help for the removal of some downed trees. Click the link to read more: See more

No carts

Good morning all,

The sun is peeping through and the mowers are buzzing around however it is still very wet on the course itself.

Hopefully we get a couple of days of sunshine and ...
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The hail didn't bother them anyway

Keep up to date with all the happenings at the club by clicking the following link:

Watching our waste line

Another warm greeting to you all,

Have you heard the joke about the bin?
It's rubbish

You may notice a few small changes in the near future regarding our rubbish and recycling ...
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Quiz night - Save the date!

Good morning all!

On Friday the 31st July I will be hosting a QUIZ NIGHT that is guaranteed to be a lot of fun!

If you are keen to enter a team and support the club, please feel ...
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Help wanted

Good morning everyone!

How about this wonderful weather! With some spring like sunshine beaming down on the many golfers over the weekend there were some very happy people (regardless of the ...
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It took eight extra playoff holes to settle this Buck Cup match

Another great turnout for the men on Saturday who were playing the Buck Cup matches as well as for the cups.

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Alan Fraser takes home the win at the Pacific Homes Haggle

Find out what else is happening at the club by clicking the link:

Northland Bridgestone Championship 2020

Good morning members,

I am happy to announce the Start of a new event, the “Northland Bridgestone Championship” (NBC) created by our partner Northgolf.

This a great inscentive to ...
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No carts today

Good morning all,

Due to the condition of the course still being very wet, it has been decided there will be no carts permitted again today.

Hopefully we will get some good sunshine ...
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No Carts today

Good morning all,

After a couple of hiccups regarding cart permission in the past week, we have implemented a new system for whether or not carts are allowed on the course.

Each ...
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Good Monday to you all,

It has been great seeing so many people playing golf over the weekend on our rather resilient course!

Firstly I have a couple of notes from the men's ...
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Farewell Dean

Dear members,

The club would like to inform the members that due to ongoing medical issues our greenkeeper Dean Smith has decided to resign his position. He is still very much going to ...
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Course closed

Good morning all,

After speaking with our course superintendant we have made the decision to close the course. That and the fact the greens are looking like swimming pools. This means there ...
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Black Tee and Buck Cup

Good afternoon all,

A friendly reminder that it is the black tee haggle tomorrow and I say this with caution, "weather permitting".

Also another reminder that the Buck Cup will be ...
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No carts

Good afternoon all,

To lighten the mood in this weather I thought a joke may be appropriate...

"I crashed my golf cart two times while driving through hole one, my driving skills ...
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What an amazing Corona Classic it was

Click the link to read more:

Buck cup and corona classic

Good afternoon to you, our esteemed members!

A couple of important notes for the near future but first, some poetry...

Sitting here at the Whangarei Golf Club
Many faces walking ...
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Save your spot for the Corona Classic

The Corona Classic takes place on the 14th of June, click the link to read more and save your spot:

Sunday poetry - Carts not permitted today

Good morning all,

With the weather outside looking awfully grim,
Your ball might still ask if it can come down for a swim.
Looking up to the sky at the ominous cloud,
Please ...
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Black Tee Wednesday

The boys are back in town, and they want revenge!

After an awesome Black Tee haggle on Saturday you have the opportunity to double down and take on the reigning villians Dirk Mostert and ...
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Mens Black tee haggle is back

Good day all,

Come down on Saturday to join the men in BLACK! roll up at 11:30am for a 12pm start on the 23/5/20.

$20 in, seeded draw as usual and best of all normal bar service ...
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Thank you to our busy bees

We would like to thank all our helpers yesterday. Click the link to read more on how they helped out:

Level 2

With level 2 looming we are super excited for things to go back to a somewhat normal status.

This change comes with some lifted restrictions in golf as per the Golf NZ website found here: ...
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Golf clubs who are open at Alert Level 3 are required to maintain a guest register to assist the Ministry of Health’s efforts at contact tracing.

Contact tracing will be required for the ...
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Meet the bubble police

Here to ensure bubbles are maintained and not popped whilst under our jurisdiction.

As a community club we want to keep an eye out for the well-being of our ...
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Day 1 update - Back on the course!

Day #1 of alert level 3

The day started off with a gloomy haze but that did not stop our avid members making the most of the new situation. With level 4 a thing of the past, we saw ...
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Let's get back onto the course

Find out what you can do to get on the course on Tuesday by clicking the link:

What's hapening at the course during lockdown?

Please click the link to see what exactly we are doing at the club during the lockdown period:

Enjoy a round on the course, we're open!

We have taken several precautions during this time, click the link to read about it:

The North Island Liquor Tournament is under way

Please note course closures and more in the link below:

Tony walks away with the Kitty for the Plus Twos

Well done Tony Workman on a great round! Read more by clicking the link below.

Andy Starr a.k.a. Mr Consistency

Congratulations to Andy Starr who was awarded the Graham White Trophy for the most consistent Pennants player 2019. We look forward to seeing you play in this year's event to see if you can defend ... See more

Opening day is here! Join us on Saturday

The opening day starts tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you there. Click the link to find out more

Join the Mount Denby Anniversary Monday Invitational

The Mount Denby Anniversary Monday Invitational takes place on Monday, 28th January 2020. Read more by clicking the link below.
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We wish you all a happy holiday!

Read the newsletter here:

Playing the game for a good cause

On Friday we hosted the Landmark Homes Chip in for Charity Event for the fifth year in a row. We managed to raise thousands of dollars for charity. A big thank you to everyone who took part; we ... See more

Farewell Ben, thanks for your service!

The club wishes to inform the membership that Ben Bowmar has been offered and accepted a role at Carrington Golf Club. Obviously he will be sorely missed here but we all wish him well and thank him ... See more

More fun & less frustration with our Tuesday Ladies Clinic

Ladies clinic
Tuesday 1:30pm

Chipping is the topic and Matt is inviting as many of our ladies as possible to a clinic on how to best practice this skill.

Read our ...
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Titleist Fitting Day | 28 September

We have a club fitting day with Titleist scheduled for 28 September. So, all those keen to upgrade their gear and their game in the best possible way to contact us in the shop today to book a ... See more

Working bees busy at work

Massive congrats to the guys (Dean, Bruce Carlton Grant, and Dirk) for working tirelessly to bring back the 9th tee. This was all achieved in around 5 hours of work, which is phenomenal.

The ...
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There's so much still to look forward to this August!

Eagles vs Juniors

Our club was proud to host the Eagles vs Juniors this year with the Juniors winning the day 6.5 to 5.5.

Read our newsletter here: See more

Find your perfect sole mate - Wednesday 7th August

All the shoes, all the styles and sizing! Come along and size yourself up for a new pair of FootJoy's latest and greatest. Andrew Horan returns (you may remember him from our highly successful ... See more

Sully tells a story of success

A big round of applause to Sully (Paul Sullivan), who added a full club distance to his shot by improving his turn and increasing his speed by 6mph with his iron. Well done Sully, you have done us ... See more

Six reasons to get fitted this July

Thursday last week we had Titleist at the Club with fellow Pro Andrew Horan, and I think we can safely say it was a big success!

• Graham Barrow added 40m to his fairway wood.
• Peter ...
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Heres your chance to get fit for the latest and greatest from Titleist.

Our PGA Pro Matt Davis will be working with fellow Pro Andrew Horan to showcase and fit you with the best clubs on the ...
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Fashion for you Great Success!

We are pleased to report our Fashion Show held on Friday the 21st June was a resounding success. It was a joint venture with Polwarth Design who dressed our models for the evening. Our lady club ... See more